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Network Operations On A Public Utility Internet

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Revised: March 3, 2023

I gave one of the two keynote presentations at NANOG (North American Network Operators' Group) in the fall of 2019.

There were two parts to the talk.

The first part deals with the responsibilities, obligations, and liabilities of being an operator of parts of an Internet that was becoming a lifeline grade public utility.

The second part shifts to ways we design and implement the Internet to improve its resiliance to errors, problems, and attacks. I suggest that we look beyond traditional methods of designing and implementing computer systems. In particular I urge that we take a look at the methods used by living things to improve their ability to survive.

Below the break is the textual transcript of the talk.

In case the video does not start at the right place, my presentation begins at 7:43.

Here is the transcript: