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10/100-Base-T Cyclotron

Every day we here at CaveBear get letters saying “You may already be a winner”. Oops, wrong letters. Let’s start this over…

Every day we here at CaveBear get letters say “What can you do to help? We are running 10/100-Base-T…” Whoa! Hold on right there. Can we help? You bet your bippy we can!

Remember how the announcer on TV used to speak in hushed tones about the “atom smasher”? Well, CaveBear has acquired the exclusive rights to use that same technology to speed up your 10/100-Base-T local area network.

Just wrap a few turns of your unshielded twisted pair around the CaveBear 10/100-BASE-T CYCLOTRON. It will whirl your data around and around, increasing its speed to nearly the speed of light before sending it on its way down the wire to your hub.