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Switching Fabric

Are you wearing a hat? If so you had better hold on tight. This offer will blow your socks off!

CaveBear has switching fabric!

Have you ever seen the insides of the latest and fastest routers and switches? They’re full of little black plastic chips! And do you know what’s in those chips? Take a guess – yes! It’s switching fabric!

That’s right, it’s switching fabric!!

CaveBear has acquired truckloads of name brand, top quality switching fabric.

We’ve been forced by the manufacturer to remove the designer tag. But you and your friends will instantly recognize it by its cut, its style, its quality, and its overwhelming, head turning power.

The enterprising amateur can use this fabric to build rocket-like routers and sizzling switches. Just like the pros!

Fold it once and you’ve got a two layer switching fabric for use in hubs.

Fold it thrice and you’ve got the makings of a three layer router.

Fold it once more and you’ve got a full four layer switch!

The possibilities are endless.

Our switching fabric is made in Modena Italy from the finest quality seamless, unspliced optical fiberglass.

You can buy it in bulk. You can buy it by the yard. Or you can buy it by the bolt!