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High 5G

You’ve seen the ads - AT&T advertises “5Ge” (whatever that is) and other companies promise 5G wireless.

But have you ever seen it for real? We haven’t.

So, being the inventive and adventurous, not to mention silly, kind of souls we are, we went down into the Cavebear Laboratories, located deep under the peaks of the mighty Sierra Nevada mountains, and set to work.

Lo and behold, mutatis mutandis, and we here reveal:

Cavebear High 5G.

You’ve never seen anything like it - and we promise that you won’t see it elsewhere.

It is so fast that its latency is unmeasurably low, so low that it is negative.

The other 5G promises to download a movie in ten seconds. Cavebear High 5G will download movies that haven’t even been released yet.

Jitter? Nah. Packet loss? Unheard of.

Cavebear High 5G lets you respond to Tweets even before the original is posted. Your friends will be amazed!

Wait until you see Cavebear 6G!