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Vacuum Filled (Fast) Fiber

After a hard day’s work, haven’t you ever gone home mumbling to yourself that the speed of light is just too slow?

Admit it, we all do it.

But what you might not know is that glass fiber manufacturers and the government are in a conspiracy to hide the truth. The facts are this: light moves nearly 40% faster in a vacuum than it does in glass.

This means that bits flowing on your fiber optic network are moving at only 60% of their potential speed.

And we all know who benefits from that – and it isn’t you.

The CaveBear Catalog now offers a solution - Vacuum Filled Fiber.

Yes, you read it right: we offer fiber that has a vacuum filled core in lieu of the slow optical glass core found in standard, slow fiber.

Just like normal fiber, the photons are contained by total internal reflection at the boundary with the outer glass shell.

But unlike normal fiber, the photons can move down the our vacuum filled core at the full speed of light.

If you want your bits to move over your network like an old lady watching Love Boat re-runs, then stick to your dowdy old glass-filled fiber.

But if you want to experience the full impact of time dilation and use the space-time-continuum you absolutely must get those bits moving at lightspeed. And only our vacuum filled fiber can do it!

But there’s more –

Because we don’t have to fill our fiber with heavy optical glass, pound for pound, our vacuum filled fiber weighs less.

And, if you ever need to locate a fiber run, you can fill our fiber with some neon and apply a voltage – it’ll glow like Saturday night in Las Vegas. It’ll be easy to spot our fiber in those hard to access plenum spaces!