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PC-Engines APU2 LED/Mode-Switch Driver for FreeBSD

· by Karl Auerbach · Read in about 1 min · (118 Words)
blog post PC-Engines APU2 APU driver FreeBSD

The PC-Engines APU2 is a very nice board when you need a lot more horsepower than a Raspberry Pi but still want low power, small form factor, and no moving parts.

Among the many features of the The APU2 are three LEDs and one mode button/switch.

I needed a device driver so that my code could control the LEDs and read whether the button is pushed.

I wrote one. It is up and available on the InterWorking Labs website: at

Update: (February 2018): This driver no longer works on recent versions of the APU-2 board. However, there is a working alternative now available at

This driver is for the APU2, not the predecessor APU version 1.