At-Large Representative for Canada and the United States on the
ICANN Board of Directors
Karl Auerbach

Well I won the election.  Whew!  (If you want I still have my campaign web pages available.)

I'll be building various web pages as I get up to speed.  Please be patient.

I bet you want to know something about me and what I stand for.

The First Law of the Internet

Every person shall be free to use the Internet in any way that is privately beneficial without being publicly detrimental.

  • The burden of demonstrating public detriment shall be on those who wish to prevent the private use.

    • Such a demonstration shall require clear and convincing evidence of public detriment.

  • The public detriment must be of such degree and extent as to justify the suppression of the private activity.

You might even be curious what I look like. karl1.jpg (38657 bytes)

My legal action against ICANN to obtain access to corporate records.

I won completely and totally.  Take a look at the case Archive at EFF.  Every constraint that ICANN tried to impose was rejected by the court.

I have begun to dig through the records - and I expect to be making various reports.  References to them will be posted here.

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(OK, OK, I know I don't have a career as a great web designer.)

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