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Karl Auerbach

About Me

Below is a short summary of my background.  Needless to say, it leaves a lot out.  If you are curious, then I suggest thaqt you click here for a more complete, and perhaps more entertaining, bit of background information.

Karl Auerbach is an presently engaged in the creation of a new startup to deal with the lack of tools for those who operate and install networks and for those who implement protocols.  The precise nature of this startup is still under wraps and many details, including its name, are yet undecided.

Until mid 2001, Karl Auerbach was a senior researcher in the Advanced Internet Architecture group in the Office of the Chief Strategy Officer at Cisco Systems.

(During that time Mr. Auerbach did not speak for Cisco Systems.  His statements and opinions were his own and did not necessarily reflect those of Cisco Systems.)

At Cisco he was engaged in research projects aimed at reducing the costs associated with installing, operating, troubleshooting, and managing networks.  In addition his work included real-time transport of high quality audio and video over the net, content management, IP multicast, and quality of service.

In addition to his technical work, Mr. Auerbach has been an attorney in California since 1978.  He is a member of the Intellectual Property Section of he California State Bar.

He has been working on Internet technology since the early 1970's.

Mr. Auerbach has been a long-time member of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).

Mr. Auerbach founded both Epilogue Technology Corporation and Empirical Tools and Technologies, Inc.  He has been closely involved with several other startups.

He is the co-founder of the Boston Working Group and has been involved in the issue of Internet governance for several years.

In his spare time he's does backstage work with a professional theatre company and also is helping to restore a 1923 mainline steam locomotive.

OK, so what's been left out?

Well, I love my wife, I like cats, and like awful puns.


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