At-Large Candidate for the ICANN Board
Karl Auerbach

Yes, I am a candidate for a North American seat on the ICANN Board of Directors.

I bet you want to know something about me and what I stand for.

You might even be curious what I look like. karl1.jpg (38657 bytes)

(Don't be fooled by the Javascript pop-ups - most of the things below are clickable links.)

My platform

My Web site About me
What I do for a living Things I've written about Internet Governance
Professional affiliations Co-Founder: Boston Working Group
Potential conflicts Other (older) things I've written about Internet Governance
My catalog of network products People who endorse me
What I do in my "spare" time Documents I've endorsed
Some software I give away Other people who would make good directors

(OK, OK, I know I don't have a career as a great web designer.)

My Privacy Policy

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