May 27, 2008

Bea Yormark

I think it was Athol Fugard who wrote that the saddest words are "too late".

I saw in the newspaper that Bea Yormark has died.  Too soon.

I first met Bea back in 1981 at Interactive Systems in Santa Monica.  I remember her Mercedes - dark blue paint and light blue smoke.  And I remember one evening at softball when she was pitching; I hit a hard line drive that barely missed her - it brushed her ear ring.

I remained in contact with Bea after she moved to Washington DC with my Gaithersburg based co-worker at Interactive, Justin Walker, Curmudgeon at Large.

Not long afterwords I had my own romantic adventure; I became involved with a woman who lived in DC.  It was a very complicated and very stressful time.  But it was a time made much easier with the caring friendship offered by Bea and Justin.

I later moved to San Francisco  A while later Bea and Justin also came west to Palo Alto.  Even though we were only an hour drive apart, we did not remain in contact.

I've always intended to resume the contact.  But always I was too busy.

But now she is gone.  It is too late.

We've lost a good person.

Posted by karl at May 27, 2008 12:58 AM