April 12, 2007

Rah Rah Sis Boom Bah

Does it seem to you that ICANN has turned up the volume on the Marina del Rey Rhythm Machine?

Recently I keep hearing ICANN self-promotions about how the ALAC is the el perfecto of public accountability and participation.  I'm half expecting ICANN cheer leaders, with pom poms and wearing short skirts, shouting out:
    gimme an 'A'
    gimme an 'L'
    gimme an 'A'
    gimme a 'C'...

From the promotional noises you'd think that the ALAC was better 'n sex and a whole lot better for you than sliced bread.

My advice for those who are considering falling for the hype - don't.

ICANN's ALAC is like an invitation to stand outside the football field while the game goes on on the inside.  You can hear the noises but you can't see anything, and you certainly aren't going to get to play.

ICANN has a big political need to make the ALAC look better than the play pen that it is.  The membership drive that ICANN seems to be pushing is for one purpose and one purpose only - to create enough confusion about ICANN's accountability to the public to dismiss questions about how a body that claims to be for the public benefit (and receives tax breaks worth several million dollars a year as a result) can really be for the benefit of the public when it so forcefully slams the door in their faces.

If you've got a need to feel powerless and want to have that feeling reflect reality, then ICANN's ALAC is for you.  Otherwise, friends don't let friends drink the ALAC kool aid.

Posted by karl at April 12, 2007 6:33 PM