March 27, 2007

New ICANN Logo

Have you noticed that ICANN's logo is confusingly similar to that of the San Jose International Airport?

Dazed and confused travellers must arrive daily at ICANN in Marina del Rey thinking that they are at the San Jose Airport.

In order to prevent this trademark travesty ICANN ought to change its logo.

I suggest that ICANN adopt a sketch of the Laocoon, a very famous classical sculpture housed in the Vatican museum in Rome.

The sculpture depicts Laocoon, who is famous for warning the Trojans to beware of the Trojan Horse, and his two sons being squeezed and strangeled by a pair of serpents sent by Poseidon who, favoring the Greeks over the Trojans, was angered that his side's secret plan was being endangered.

In ICANN's case, the primary figure represents Imagination and the two sons would be Innovation and Enterprise.  The two serpents represent ICANN's primary beneficiaries: the domain name registries and the intellectual property protection (as opposed to the intellectual property creation) industry.

Posted by karl at March 27, 2007 3:23 PM