February 16, 2007

Beware the Tactyldactyl!

The Tactyldactyl (also spelled by those who can't spell as tactildactyl) is a large bird - prehistoric in size.  Everyone agrees that Tactyldactyls are brightly colored, but no one seems to be able to say what the colors are.  Perhaps every Tactyldactyl is a different color and pattern?  And their cry, seldom heard, is said to be something between that of a Loon and a cat's purr.

Flying alone or in groups, Tactyldactyls watch for unsuspecting prey.  They are particularly fond of children, especially grumpy children who won't share their toys with their friends.

Tactyldactyls have a most unique form of attack:  The Tactyldactyl silently swoops down, often during bright sunlight, and tickles its victims into submission.  Once satiated on its victim's laughter the Tactyldactly flies back to its lair.  The victims always recover and usually look forward to another visit from the Tactyldactyl.

Tactyldactyls are rarely seen; most senior tickleologists believe that, with the tendency of children to remain indoors (usually playing video games), that Tactyldactyls could become extinct.

Tactyldactyls are not related to their near cousins, the Technodactyls, but they are always willing to sit down (as much as a bird that large can sit down and still maintain its dignity) and share a cup of tea with their good friends the Ductyldactyls.

Posted by karl at February 16, 2007 3:40 AM