October 30, 2006

ICANN Hires Karl Rove

No, ICANN didn't really hire Karl Rove.  But they must have a Rove wannabe somewhere in their ever ramifying staff.

ICANN, obviously reaching for ways to self-applaud itself, issued a press release with the title Greek and Egyptian Governments Applaud ICANN's Move Toward Autonomy

If anyone bothers to read ICANN's agreements with NTIA and other agencies of the US Government it is abundantly clear that ICANN is as much a puppet of the USG as it ever was.

Perhaps the diplomats of some countries no longer practice Realpolitik and, as do many in this world of internet governance, see the world through very rose colored glasses.

Or perhaps they were merely smoothly sliding over a difficult issue with a layer of oleaginous diplo-speak.

Posted by karl at October 30, 2006 9:28 PM