October 22, 2006

Election Day - My Choice for Sect'y of State: Debra Bown

(You know that this entry is not about ICANN - this item is about voting in elections and ICANN has removed elections and voting from its vocabulary.)

Election day comes on November 7.  Make sure that you vote!

For me the most important race is that of the California Secretary of State.  And I'm going to be voting for Debra Bowen.

Now, being a resident of Santa Cruz, the real "Surf City", I ought to look askance upon someone from Huntington Beach, the artificial "Surf City" that has brought trademark claims against Santa Cruz merchants.  And the current Sect'y of State is my neighbor.

But Debra Bowen is on "the right side" of a matter that is of great importance to me - modern voting systems.  (I am on the board of directors of the Open Voting Consortium.)

She understands the issues and is not going to be bowled over by techno-babble or overreaching claims of vendors of un-inspectable voting systems.

Posted by karl at October 22, 2006 7:35 PM