September 19, 2006

Talk Like A Pirate Day - About the London School of Economics Report On ICANN

Avast!  This be talk like a pirate day!

Me First Mate be thinkin:  Cap'n the packet from London arrived in town today.

Sez I, Aye!  Fetch the longboat so's me an the lads, needin some grog, can go ashore and visit the public house.

I sez: Me laddies!  Bess be the landlord's daughter, she be the landlord's black-eyed daughter.  She be a saucy and buxom wench, but keep your hands to yourself, we want no trouble with the highwayman.

So I says to Bess: Bess, Grog for me laddies!  And a copy of the London School of Economics report on ICANN!

And we sets into drinking and readin, and readin and drinkin.

Finally me cabin boy pipes up: Cap'n.  Aye?, sez I.

Cap'n they don't condemn the division of internet booty only to "stakeholders".  And Cap'n they don't clearly recommend a place for internet users.  And Cap'n they actually increase the voting strength for intellectual property and business interests!

Jim lad, sez I, what, me boy, did you expect?  We be pirates by sea, but on the internet there be better, bigger pirates!  We, me hearties, only take ships, booty, wenches, and grog.  But the intellectual property and business pirates ravish the domain name system and have eyes on the whole internet.  Me maties, doff our hats to the real pirates of ICANN!

Shiver me timbers!  Arrr!

Posted by karl at September 19, 2006 8:53 AM