March 17, 2006


I notice that a bunch of DNS registrars finally decided that ICANN doesn't follow its own procedures.

Welcome to the club - you are over six years late to the party.

I filed a request for reconsideration on this same subject in 1999 - Request For Reconsideration 99-4

That request was, of course, rejected.  ICANN rejected all requests without really answering them.  Like the Pope, ICANN is infallible.

I subsequently submitted a request for independent review.  But ICANN could not get its act together enough to form its independent review panel; so my request languished and eventually disappeared.

So DNS registrars - welcome to the club.  I predict that your request will be dismissed by ICANN.  Don't be surprised if you find that you must use the ol' 2x4 method to get your point across.

Posted by karl at March 17, 2006 1:36 AM