March 6, 2006

L Root Server and IANA RFI

A couple of days ago I asked whether the proposed rehoming of IANA would include the L-root server as well.

Apparently not.

I received the following reply to my inquiry.  Of course, this reply does not explain why this particular aspect of "the IANA function" should is different and otherwise not part of the RFI.  (My own guess is that NTIA simply didn't think of it, and when I raised the question they called Marina del Rey and asked ICANN.  And ICANN wouldn't want to lose a public-image plum like the IANA root server.)

Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2006 08:39:31 -0500
To: Karl Auerbach
Subject: Re: Question on RFI on Reference-Number-DOCNTIARFI0001,
    Internet Assigned Numbers Authority

Dear Sir,

The matters under this RFI do not include the provision and/or operation of the
IANA DNS root server, L-root server.


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Contracting Officer
U.S. Department of Commerce
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Posted by karl at March 6, 2006 10:14 AM