February 11, 2006

Sleazy Whois Practices, Part Deux

Somebody's been mining the whois database, again - and who is it this time?  Yahoo! Search Marketing.

How do I know?  Because today a bit of junk snail-mail arrived from "Yahoo! Search Marketing" addressed to "Aggie Figueroa, Owner Cave Bear" .. at my home address.

So - Yahoo is mining the whois database.  That's awful, and according to ICANN's rules, it is improper.  But we all know that one of the unspoken reasons driving the industrial groups that support whois open access and deprecate privacy is to facilitate data mining.

But what makes this all the more ironic is that this bit of junk mail is from "Yahoo! Search Marketing" - their lack of competence shines through like the sun on a hot summer's day - their search and marketing capacity is apparently so feeble that they can't even get my name right when they mine the whois records.  Who is Aggie Figueroa?

Do you think that I'd want to buy their services when they can't even properly address their junk mail?

Posted by karl at February 11, 2006 5:36 PM