December 3, 2005

IANA Report

I'm listening to the IANA report right now. (By-the-way, the public have still not yet had an opportunity during this "Public Forum" to raise issues or ask questions.)

I'm reminded of the difference between the IANA of today and the IANA of yesteryear.

Several years ago - rather more than 10 years ago - a rather active member of the internet community got married.

I thought it would be nice to give as a wedding present a set of his and her's protocol numbers.  A couple of friends, one of whom was on the IAB, decided to join-in.

So we contacted IANA (actually we contacted the person who is IANA - things were much more personal then) and asked.  And we received.  We obtained a pair of rather obscure protocol numbers - the value of which was based on the wedding date.

Somehow I suspect that that kind of gift would be hard to obtain these days.

Posted by karl at December 3, 2005 12:10 PM