December 3, 2005

New TLDs - What About the Existing Applications from Year 2000?

There is a lot of noise here at the ICANN meeting about new TLDs, particularly .xxx.

ICANN tends to forget that there are roughly 40 other applications on the table.

In year 2000 ICANN took application fees - $2,400,000 - from 47 applicants.  ICANN granted 7.  The remaining applications were designated as still pending.

And they are still pending.

When is ICANN going to give these people their answer?  They paid $2,000,000 for their applications.  ICANN's delay has cost the applicants an unreasonable amount of money; many applicants have simply faded away.

ICANN has made a mockery of process; ICANN has turned TLD applications into an exercise like that described by Dickens in Bleak House - a process that may last lifetimes.

Posted by karl at December 3, 2005 11:46 AM