October 19, 2005

Time for Euthanasia

ICANN once had a vibrant public sector.  But that period ended several years ago when meaningful public participation in ICANN was eliminated during a process that ICANN, in its best NewSpeak, called "reform."

Today ICANN's palace eunuch, the "interim" ALAC, sent forth it latest missive.  It is a pathetic document devoid of content yet filled with phrases of submission and dependency.

ICANN's purpose is to serve the public, the community of internet users.  Yet ICANN's ALAC, and much less ICANN itself, remembers ICANN's purpose and ICANN's promises.

ICANN's ALAC was crippled at at its conception.  We of the community of internet users have patiently stood aside hoping that perhaps we would be proved wrong and that the ALAC might actually grow into something of value.  During this time ICANN plied the ALAC with money and staff support.  Attempts were made to froth-up up membership; but few signed on.

The ALAC was given a fair chance to succeed.  But it has not done so.

It is time to write off ICANN's ALAC as the failure it is.

Posted by karl at October 19, 2005 1:12 AM