March 7, 2005

The 1991 Adventures of Captain Internet and Cerf Boy

My office tends to be a mess - mountains of paper and equipment of ancient vintage (including some with vacuum tubes and punched paper tape.)

Occasionally I have to undertake an archaeological dig to find one lost thing or another.  Because it is an adventure into the unknown there are often serendipitous finds along the way.

Todays adventure uncovered a long lost comic book:

CERFnet Presents The Adventures Of Captain Internet -and- Cerf Boy: "The LAN That Time Forgot"

Yes, its a real comic book - Number 1, October 1991.

And it's full of wonderfully awful puns.

I also have Number 3 from May 1994 ("One if by LAN, Two if by C") - does anyone have Number 2?

I'd scan it in and post it - but it's copyrighted.  I guess you'll have to wait until sometime around year 2090 before it drops into the public domain - unless we have another Mickey Mouse extension.

Posted by karl at March 7, 2005 5:49 PM