November 9, 2004

How Stupid Can You Get?

The following has to be one of the most stupid phrases ever uttered:

    "legitimate methods of waging war"

War is the ultimate human failure; it is a recourse to the worst forms of coercion: mayhem, death, brutal force, and destruction.  War is never "legitimate"; it is unfortunately sometimes necessary as a final recourse.

Over the years various countries have entered into agreements to limit certain kinds of behavior.  That has been a good thing.  However, it is well understood that those agreements can fall by the wayside when a warring party has its back to the wall and is faced with complete destruction.  In addition, some countries, such as my own, have refused to join other nations in agreements that restrict land mines or establish international courts.

So who is this government that is trying to argue that some kinds of war are legitimate and some are not?  You guessed it - the United States.  Yes, the nation that brought us everything from Wounded Knee to Dresden to Hiroshima to Mai Lai.

And who uttered this asinine phrase?  One Mark Corallo of the US Department of Justice trying to explain why the United States believes that it is right and proper to subject a prisoner to procedures that would make a Spanish Inquisitor blush with shame.

I am usually proud of my country.  But not today.

Posted by karl at November 9, 2004 2:21 PM