October 21, 2004

Something's Happening But We Don't Know What It Is, Do We Mr. Jones?

Again following up on my previous items regarding the removal of certain IPv4 information from certain root, .net and .com DNS responses (See Follow-up on my note: An Open Letter to NTIA, ICANN, and IANA and An Open Letter to NTIA, ICANN, and IANA.)

It is now early in the morning (California time) of October 21.  Those changes to the DNS root zone and the .com and .net zones that were to have occurred on October 19 apparently have not been made.

What has happened?  Did someone say "no"?  If so, who said it and what is going to happen next?

Hopefully someone at NTIA, ICANN, or IANA decided that it would be useful to fully comprehend the ramifications of the pending change during times of smooth net operation and also during transitional periods such as during disaster recovery situations.

However, we do not know whether rational and conservative decision-making is taking place or whether something entirely different has transpired.

There is no reason for silence and secrecy, but apparently, in keeping with the NTIA/ICANN way of doing things, silence and secrecy prevail.

The machinery of internet governance as practiced by NTIA and ICANN should be open, transparent, and accountable.  This is a great opportunity for NTIA and ICANN to break with the past cult of the opaque and demonstrate that NTIA and ICANN are capable of openly making a rational and principled decision on a matter of concern to the technical stability of the internet.

(By-the-way: My open letter, which was sent to ICANN and to which ICANN's President replied, has not managed to make it to ICANN's correspondence web page.  Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose.)

Posted by karl at October 21, 2004 1:41 AM