The National Science Foundation (NSF), the Internet's Domain Name System (DNS), and The Privacy Act of 1974

A Commentary by Karl Auerbach

Table of Contents:

harvbull.gif (257 bytes) Executive Summary A short summary of the situation
harvbull.gif (257 bytes) Opinions I  have a number of strong opinions regarding NSF's actions.  I've put those on a page by themselves so you can look at them or not.
harvbull.gif (257 bytes) Background This set of pages give useful background information.
harvbull.gif (257 bytes) Relevant Laws This section contains the relevant laws and documents, including the NSF-NSI cooperative agreement and its amendments.
harvbull.gif (257 bytes) My Privacy Act Interaction with NSF This section contains my initial request and NSF's reply
harvbull.gif (257 bytes) Analysis This section contains my analysis of NSF's position.  As one might expect, I find NSF's arguments to be less than compelling and, indeed, often faulty.
harvbull.gif (257 bytes) The Implications of NSF's Position This section explores the side effects of NSF's position.   For example, it explores how NSF has foreclosed it's ability to obtain from Network Solutions, Inc, the database for which NSF has paid several millions of dollars of taxpayer money.
harvbull.gif (257 bytes) What's Next
harvbull.gif (257 bytes) Protecting Your Own Rights

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Updated: January 25, 1998