Get-A-Life Packs for the 3COM Palm Pilot

The CaveBear has heard from losers^H^H^H^H^H friends about how it feels to flip open your Palm Pilot only to find that the only address is for your mother and the only appointment is for a root canal.

You don't have to remain a dud, a loser, a wimp -- We can turn your life into a Cabaret.  (Hmm, that's a catchy phrase, we ought to write a song about it.)

Send us money and we will send you one of CaveBear's Get-A-Life packs!

We'll fill your Palm Pilot with names - Desiree, Tawny, Heather or Antonio, Liam, Sean, Harrison - and appointments - Dinner with Christy at Stars, Breakfast with Spielberg at the Four Seasons, Negotiations with your VC at 3000 Sand Hill Road.

Imagine, next time you are at a party (right, you at a party?!) imagine yourself rubbing up against an attractive, sexy, pheromone laden, totally devastating member of the opposite sex, and then imagine you, yes you, whipping it out (your Palm Pilot! you dummy!) and saying "Yes, we can do dinner, I can meet with deCaprio some other time."

(For a few dollars more we'll disable the secret wireless link that sends all the names and numbers you capture directly into our own database.)

You have a choice of packs to fit your mood, to fit your personality, or to fit your car.  (We will happily upgrade you a new Ferrari, Rolls, Jetta, or Buick as most fits your new image.)

So who do you want to be?

We'll send you an update every two weeks (not that you'll need it, but we like the cash flow.)

For an additional fee we can add a fulfillment service.  (Due to legal restrictions we can not offer this additional service in all localities.)

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