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Other information about Ethernet and related technologies is available from various sites on the network.

Pointers to other general resources can be sent in for inclusion in future updates.

Number assignment

More information may be obtained from IEEE which assigns the vendor codes. You can get a full listing by sending E-Mail to info.stds.oui@ieee.org (any mail to that address will be responded to with the full list), you can also obtain the list from http://standards.ieee.org/regauth/oui/oui.txt. The listing from IEEE contains company addresses as well as names, but is limited to those entries which the companies request be made public, while the list you are reading contains some entries determined from systems in the field.

You can read more about this on the IEEE Standards Process Automation (SPA) System at http://standards.ieee.org/faqs/OUI.html with lookups at http://standards.ieee.org/db/oui/index.html.

If you are interested in obtaining an assignemnt from the IEEE, the contact info I have is:
IEEE Registration Authority
IEEE Standards Department
445 Hoes Lane, P.O. Box 1331
Piscataway NJ 08844-1331
phone: (908)562-3813
Fax: (908)562-1571
Email: i.ringel@ieee.org

Type codes are still managed by Xerox as of 1 Jul 1997, but this is being transferred to IEEE.. The contact info I have for Xerox is:
Xerox Systems Institute
3400 Hillview Ave.
PO BOX 10034
Palo Alto, CA 94303
Phone: 415-813-7164
Contact: Fonda Lix Pallone
The only info I have on the contact at IEEE for this is an E-Mail address: Anita Rickets (a.ricketts@ieee.org).

Another resource useful in identifying unknown cards, at least those sold (or intended for sale) in the United States, is the FCC registration, which you can look up at the FCC's pages or on this mirror.

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